Fun Facts about me

I have never been comfortable sharing my life story with people I am not familiar with. However, recently, after spending a good portion of time chasing the missing pieces of my past—those not documented on either photo or film—I am confident that I am meant to share my story with the world.

When I moved from Zambia to America in 2006, I started documenting the moments I shared with friends and family.  Over time, I have accumulated so many photos and videos that I feel I should start stringing together my story; hence, this blog.

DSC06183     <<My cousins and uncles.        My Aunt>> DSCF9281

Moving to America broadened my perception of the “world” and “life”, in general.  It instilled in me a deep love of travel and the compulsion to film each and every one of my experiences. But before I delve any deeper into blogging, I thought it important that I share some fun facts about me and what you should (maybe not) expect from me.

I am from Zambia, a landlocked country in central southern Africa.

My family comes from a small village in the eastern part of Zambia where we have twenty two huts all belonging to my family.  Hopefully, I will take you there sometime soon.

I come from the Ngoni tribe who descended from the famous Zulu tribe of South Africa.

I am the only one in my family living in America (which has its downfalls, at times).

I am married to a fun loving wife.

I have a wiener dog that I named after my ancestral king, Shaka Zulu.

This blog will showcase my experiences in my new life.  Eventually, I will show you my tribe and culture.

My life in America and the many places I travel to never cease to amaze me.  Every day of my life is a learning experience for new things and that’s the whole essence of this blog.  Let’s learn new things together.